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  • Provide a great service for your buyers by introducing them to an outstanding Realtor who is responsive and an expert in the local market.
  • Close more deals and increase your pull-through rates by working with only the best performing Realtors.
  • Stop poaching.
  • Let our Transaction Managers help manage your pipeline with tracking, accountability and a status portal.
  • It's confidential and there are no risks, costs, contracts, or obligations.

How We Help Loan Officers

Nation Referral Network helps Loan Officers by developing great relationships with outstanding Realtors nationwide.

Increasingly, Lenders are adopting the Direct to Consumer model as buyers seek pre-approval at the start of the buying process.

This model has created a huge opportunity for the Loan Officer.

Let’s face it, Realtor quality varies and the typical buyer does not have the tools, knowledge or training to pick the best performing Realtors.

In three minutes of your time, we use our nine step process to locate, interview and vet an outstanding Realtor in any location and who is personally matched to your buyer.

Okay, But What's In It For Me?

  • Robust Pipelines

    Build pipelines that close faster and with less time, energy, and follow-ups

  • Pull-Through Ratios

    Increase your Pull-through ratio. Our Realtors have been achieving 73%+ closing ratios.  Give yourself a raise!

  • Buyer Referrals

    Delight your buyers with a great purchasing experience and they will spread the word!

  • No More Poaching

    Stop pipeline poaching for good.  Both the Realtor and Broker agree not to steer.

  • Realtor Referrals

    Get more reciprocal referrals by developing relationships with high producing Realtors

  • It's Free

    There are no risks, costs, contracts or obligations to the Loan Officer for this service

Simply by using Nation Referral Network, I saw my production increase by 32%

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